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My main mission is for charity. All profits made on Christian art work is donated to the support of Cancer Sufferers in Iraq.
My other mission is to preserve the Iraqi folklore and culture through my art pieces and illustrations.
Art work including mainly paintings done on canvas or paper using primarily acrylic paint in combination with specialized texture media and various other art techniques and materials.
Christian art pieces display quotations of bible verses in both Arabic and English languages in different sizes.
Iraqi cultural art work uses specialized techniques gained from experience through working in graphic design.
General Information
Choice of canvas or paper of different sizes. Pieces can be purchased with or without frame (some frames may be with or without glass).
Prices depend on size of art work and amount of material needed.
Custom made paintings with personal colour and design choices can be arranged.

Available sizes

Acrylic paper Arabic
28x35cm - $50
17.5x28cm - $25

Acrylic Canvas
50x40xm x 1cm
50x40cm x 2in gallery
$100-$400 based on the media material

14.5x19.5 cm
$15-$25 as per order quantity

Shipping not included
All funds are for 3 charities

featured works

  • Widely considered to be the cradle

  • Reproductions of original artwork have been printed

  • Iraq has one of the world's oldest cultural histories.